This is the third of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Your Subconscious Mind and Your Fertility

Your subconscious mind is the “automatic pilot” part of your brain.  This part of your mind perceives what is around you and translates your environment into manageable “chunks” and then directs how your body responds to them.

In a single second, your subconscious mind will process 20 million pieces of data.  In that same second, your conscious mind processes only about 40 pieces of data. The subconscious mind needs to know what’s important to send on to your conscious mind.

How does it do this? It creates rules.  If the data matches the rule, then it passes it on.  Ever notice how the day you are feeling the worst about not having your baby yet, that’s the day you see a million pregnant women?  You were focused on pregnancy – so that’s what information got passed on to you.

Taking it a step farther, your subconscious’ job is to keep you safe and alive.  If a rule isn’t being met within your body, it creates a danger message within your body which activates many systems, including your stress system, your fight or flight response.

Where do rules and beliefs come from?

Your subconscious is wide open up until about age 7.  We learn the vast majority of our rules or beliefs before the age of 7.  90% of adult behavior comes from beliefs learned before the age of 7.

This is great, until we take on beliefs of others that don’t serve us well, such as:

Pregnancy and birth are to be feared (because of all the stories from your mom or aunt or neighbor.)
You’re supposed to be the responsible one
You’re not good enough to really have what you want
Being responsible means NOT having a baby
Babies are tough on relationships
Life is hard
Life is about struggle
AND more…

But how does a belief impact your fertility?

Let’s say that the belief you learned when you were young was: “I have to be perfect to be loved.”

You work hard. But every time something isn’t “perfect”, your brain recognizes that the rule isn’t being met and sends out warning signals to your body.

Because “perfect” doesn’t exist, your body is receiving warning messages all the time.  Your fight or flight response is always triggered.  Long term stress negatively impacts your reproductive system.

Your beliefs can support or derail your fertility.

A mind/body/spirit approach to fertility helps to uncover AND heal underlying beliefs that are negatively impacting your fertility.

More information tomorrow!