On Sept 12th, I am reopening my popular Unlock Your Fertility program.  This program uses the principles of M/B/S integration and deep healing to align you with Being Fertile, to align you with your baby.  In the Being Fertile state – whether you are trying on your own, using medications, IVF, or even donor – your natural fertility is amplified.

But Why?  Why does a mind/body/spirit approach work?

Your thoughts and your emotions have an impact on every single cell in your body – including those responsible for conception.

When you change your thoughts, your emotions, and the underlying beliefs that drive your thoughts and emotions, you will change your body and your fertility.

Your body already demonstrates this to you:

Think of a stress headache: you have stress and difficult emotions and all of sudden you end up with a headache.

When you’re nervous, do you get knots or butterflies in your belly?  That’s emotion creating a physical change in your body.

When you think of the stereotypical health challenges of a “Type A” personality, what ailments do you think of?  High blood pressure?  Heart Attack?

Why wouldn’t there be other parts of your body affected by your thoughts and emotion?

Why would your reproductive system be immune?

Your ovaries are a good example:

Your ovaries sit at the end of your uterine artery system.  Blood must flow through your abdomen, then your uterus, and then finally it gets to your ovaries.  When you are under stress, blood is shifted away from your abdomen and out to your arms and legs.

Blood flow is reduced to your ovaries.

Not a problem for your eggs in the short term.  But if your thoughts and underlying beliefs create a continual sense of stress and tension, there will be an impact on the health of your eggs.  You need good blood flow to have healthy eggs.

A regular pattern of stress creates physiological changes to your egg quality.

A mind/body/spirit approach gives you the tools to shift your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs even in the midst of something as challenging as infertility.

More information coming on Tuesday, Sept 5th (including an audio presentation if you would prefer to hear all the information all at once).