Second step: Release the meanings you’ve created about the disappointment.

As I’ve mentioned many times before in these newsletter articles, as humans, we really really really like to create meaning. We like to know why something has happened (mostly so whatever hurts doesn’t happen again).

The problem is, typically we choose to create a meaning that has farther-reaching implications than simply this particular disappointment. Meanings like:

I must not have done enough.
I have to do more.
I must not be good enough.
Maybe I’m not deserving enough.
Maybe this is payment for something ‘bad’ I did before.

Can you see how these thoughts can take a feeling of disappointment and create a deep, downward spiral into depression and anguish?

Whether these specific meanings may or may not be the meanings you create, I invite you to look at the meanings you tend to use. Ask yourself the question, “Do I know this to be true?” and then allow yourself to let them go.

Letting go is easier said than done. For each step of the process to release disappointment, I’m going to give you an EFT statements and affirmations to support the work you are doing. You either can use the statement proactively, or as you are actively working on releasing disappointment. You can find these statements in the EFT section at the end of the newsletter.


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