This is the fourth of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th.  (If you would like to hear all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Emotions, cells, and your fertility

Where in your body do you experience emotion?  Your head? Heart? Gut?

The full answer is: everywhere.

Cells communicate with each other and with your brain – these chemical communications are experienced as emotions.

Every cell of your body has receptors for emotions, for these chemical signals.  Not only that, but every cell of your body stores emotional memories.

Emotion is a function of your entire body.

What does this have to do with your fertility?

Emotionally: This is why all of the heartbreak of failed cycles feel like they are weighing on you.  They are literally part of your entire body.

Physiologically:  We are made up of 50 trillion cells – each with cellular memories, each one responding to its environment.
Remember, a cell’s environment is impacted by the emotion you are feeling.

Each cell responds to fear, love, happiness, worry, anxiety. These emotions become part of the cellular environment of each cell.

Negative emotions put cells into protection mode.

Positive emotions put cells into growth mode.

Your fertility requires cells to be in growth mode – a body that is danger doesn’t want to put resources to conceiving.

Subconscious beliefs or thoughts that create emotions that put your cells more into protection mode impact your ability to conceive.

A mind/body/spirit approach to fertility brings healing down to the cellular level allowing your body’s resources to be put towards conceiving.

More information tomorrow!