This is the second of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility. It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Emotional Chemistry

Your thoughts and emotions create an emotional chemistry within your cells. This emotional chemistry is more powerful in changing the systems of your body than any drug you can take.

Your emotional chemistry is the blueprint your cells use in order to know how to act and behave. They look at this environment in order to know whether to be in growth or protection mode, what DNA to turn on/off.

Your beliefs and your thoughts determine your body’s emotional chemistry.

Your body’s emotional chemistry determines how cells should act and behave.

Therefore, your beliefs and thoughts determine how your cells act and behave.

Your mind, emotions, and thoughts make a HUGE impact on all the systems of your body, including your reproductive system.  Using a mind/body/spirit approach to healing your fertility provides a holistic answer to creating your family.

More information tomorrow!