Let me start by saying: You do not have to visualize in order to become pregnant. You only want to include tools that get you:

  1. To a better feeling place (because that’s when your body has the optimal environment to support reproduction).
  2. To move to a place of belief that you will receive what you want.

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool to do both. However, when you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, the built up history and emotions can make it hard to achieve either of these.

In reality, using visualization can lead you to end up feeling sadder than before. So you stop using the tool, because after all, you aren’t achieving either #1 or #2, why continue?

When you feel sad, the typical reaction is to stop thinking about whatever you are thinking about and of course, why wouldn’t you? However, if you can stay with the emotion for just a bit, you’ll be able to receive some information that will help you uncover underlying patterns that are creating the sadness and might also be impacting your fertility.

When you are feeling sad, you could be bumping up into one of the following thought patterns:

  1. You are focusing hard on the HOW and WHEN your pregnancy will happen. (“I can’t do this much longer; I only have resources for one IVF, it HAS to happen now; I’m running out of time; my chances are only going down each month.”)
  2. Part of you doesn’t really believe you can have what you want.
  3. You are time traveling into the past or the future.
  4. You are creating the reasons why you aren’t pregnant yet (don’t deserve, not enough, etc.) that the wise, connected part of you won’t believe and so you end up separating from your inner wisdom, which creates more sadness.
  5. Your personal thought pattern.

The key is to be curious about what thoughts are creating your sadness.

Once you know the thought pattern, now you can start shifting the pattern. One tool I love for this is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You can read more about it here.

Most of us try to deal with sadness by pushing it away or avoiding the external source. If you can stay curious, the powerful emotion of sadness will share a lot with you, which ultimately can shift the underlying beliefs that may even be affecting your fertility.

Jennifer Bloome is a Fertility Expert helping women energetically balance and heal their mind, body, and spirit to boost natural fertility. Jennifer is the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart series of guided meditations to support women in all stages of fertility treatment and pregnancy. For 3 no-charge guided meditations as well as information on teleclasses or individual sessions, please visit http://www.anjionline.com.