How can you possibly heal after pregnancy loss?

Is it something that just takes time? Or is there more that you can do to ease the hurt?

To be certain, the path to healing is different for each person. But what I’ve learned in my 10 years of supporting women as they create their families is there are several commonalities on that path:

First, expect a wide range of emotions: from grief to anger to separation from Spirit / God to acceptance. Each of these emotions needs to be honored and acknowledged.

Second, the path to healing isn’t linear. Just when you think the grief is over, or the anger is over, something will happen and all of a sudden, you’re right back in the emotion all over again.

Finally, drawing healing and understanding from outside of yourself is key. Our nature as a human is to want to know why. And that makes sense. Perhaps we feel if we know why, we can prevent it from happening again. If we know why, perhaps the pain can finally go away.

But, our minds can never answer that question of “why” satisfactorialy. We can’t think our way to healing. Drawing in healing from something bigger than ourselves assists us in moving into acceptance, trust, strength, and hope.

In light of these commanalities, I am pleased to announce a brand new guided meditation offering:

The download version of this brand new offering, A Soft Place to Land:
Guided Meditations for Healing After Pregnancy Loss
, will be ready next Tuesday, February 8th.

This guided meditation offering contains 3 separate tracks.

The first track is designed for soothing the raw and raged emotions that come when you first experience your loss – or for anytime you are feeling overwhelmed by emotion.

Track 2 is designed to use once you begin to get your breath back. Step into a sacred grove and begin healing mind~body~and spirit.

The final track is for use once you have made the choice to begin to conceive again. This meditation addresses the emotions that come as a natural result of deciding to move forward after a loss and helps you to create confidence in your body as well as draw in rich, fertile, creative potential.

Again, the download version is being released on Tuesday, February 8th.

To honor those of you who are ready to heal right now, I want to make you a special offer. If you purchase the download by the end of the day Thursday, February 10th, you will receive a coupon for a no-charge Relief Now! audio.

These Relief Now! audios use EFT to help you shift a deeply held belief or emotion. You can either select a current Relief Now! audio, or use it on the pregnancy loss specific recordings that will come out later this month. More information to come on these audios.

My intention for A Soft Place to Land is that it provides nurturing, comfort, and healing as you find your way back to hope and trust.

I welcome any questions you have about the recording and I’ll be back in touch when the recording is officially available.

I have had many clients over the last 10 years ask me to create a healing meditation CD for miscarriage and pregnancy loss.   I’ve been reluctant for a number of reasons. 

The deep grief that accompanies a miscarriage or pregnancy loss has felt too big to handle in a “simple” meditation and visualization.  Also, the way that each of us handles such a defining moment is so different.

And yet, women keep asking because there are so many emotions that are present after a loss, as you try again, and when there is a new pregnancy to nurture.  So, I kept checking in with my heart to see when I feel it’s the right time to create these meditations.

The time has come.  I have been getting gentle nudges from Spirit that it’s time to create this CD.  I finally feel like I have done the inner work I need to do to allow these meditations to flow through me so that I can bring them to you.

All that being said, I need your input – from what you’d like to see within this CD to the name of the CD.

Here are my thoughts so far: 3 or 4 tracks.

Track 1: Soothing the rawness (this is intended for use right after the loss)

Track 2: Healing your Mind/ Body / Spirit (this is intended for use as soon as you get your breath back after the initial grief and sadness.  For use when you are getting yourself ready to think about trying again)

Track 3: Trying Again (this is intended for use when you are actively trying again)

Track 4: On Edge: Pregnancy after a miscarriage (this is intended for use once you are successfully carrying a new pregnancy, but understandably worried and concerned.  This may or may not be part of the CD – this might be a separate title).

So here is where you come in.  What is your initial reaction to the proposed tracks?  What would you absolutely want to have included within any or all of the tracks?  For all of you with a gift for words, what title do you suggest for the CD?  For the individual tracks?  Finally, what concerns would you have about a healing meditation CD like this? 

I thank each and every one of you in advance for your thoughtful comments.  Creating this CD is sacred work for me and I honor each of you that contribute to it’s creation and presentation.