This is the sixth of my email series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to hear all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

The first five emails have shared how your intertwined your mind, body, and spirit are and how that can work against your fertility.

The good news is, you can use the way your body works to work FOR your fertility instead of AGAINST it.

Here are 5 steps to take:


This is NOT about simply, “oh honey, relax and you’ll get pregnant.” This is about relaxing your body at the cellular level.  Utilize the Relaxation Response to bring your cells out of protection mode and into growth mode on a regular basis.

Activate the Relaxation Response through guided meditation, visualization, yoga, simple breathing exercises, mindful walks, and more.


Identify and heal the thoughts, behaviors and emotions that are sending danger messages to your body about conceiving.

These are patterns of thought and belief that are so ingrained that you don’t notice them.

A few questions to start you off:

On a scale of 1-10, how much do I trust my body?
What impact will a baby make on my relationships? My career?
In general, is the world a safe place, or a dangerous place?
How much do I trust my body?
Is sexuality safe?
What do I have to do to earn what I want?


What do you really want?  I know you want a baby…but why? This step will help you identify more hidden thoughts and beliefs that can block conceiving.

Will a baby give you unconditional love? Will a baby prove that you are good enough? Will a baby help become the Mother you wish you had had?

I know, tricky questions that are uncomfortable. And while you don’t have to have perfect thoughts to conceive, finding and healing the particular belief that is creating the most impact on your mind/body/system will open your creative potential.


Start a daily habit of thoughts that will allow you to create your family.  Lay down new rules in your subconscious that allow you to be completely open to conceiving, to be filled with joy, to be confident in yourself, to be confident in your body.


What’s your daily practice?  What’s your routine? Commit to put it these steps into a daily practice.

As you practice these steps, your mind/body/spirit will come into alignment and amplify your innate fertility.

If you would like some one on one help, watch your email tomorrow as the Unlock Your Fertility program opens!