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This is the sixth of my email series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to hear all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

The first five emails have shared how your intertwined your mind, body, and spirit are and how that can work against your fertility.

The good news is, you can use the way your body works to work FOR your fertility instead of AGAINST it.

Here are 5 steps to take:


This is NOT about simply, “oh honey, relax and you’ll get pregnant.” This is about relaxing your body at the cellular level.  Utilize the Relaxation Response to bring your cells out of protection mode and into growth mode on a regular basis.

Activate the Relaxation Response through guided meditation, visualization, yoga, simple breathing exercises, mindful walks, and more.


Identify and heal the thoughts, behaviors and emotions that are sending danger messages to your body about conceiving.

These are patterns of thought and belief that are so ingrained that you don’t notice them.

A few questions to start you off:

On a scale of 1-10, how much do I trust my body?
What impact will a baby make on my relationships? My career?
In general, is the world a safe place, or a dangerous place?
How much do I trust my body?
Is sexuality safe?
What do I have to do to earn what I want?


What do you really want?  I know you want a baby…but why? This step will help you identify more hidden thoughts and beliefs that can block conceiving.

Will a baby give you unconditional love? Will a baby prove that you are good enough? Will a baby help become the Mother you wish you had had?

I know, tricky questions that are uncomfortable. And while you don’t have to have perfect thoughts to conceive, finding and healing the particular belief that is creating the most impact on your mind/body/system will open your creative potential.


Start a daily habit of thoughts that will allow you to create your family.  Lay down new rules in your subconscious that allow you to be completely open to conceiving, to be filled with joy, to be confident in yourself, to be confident in your body.


What’s your daily practice?  What’s your routine? Commit to put it these steps into a daily practice.

As you practice these steps, your mind/body/spirit will come into alignment and amplify your innate fertility.

If you would like some one on one help, watch your email tomorrow as the Unlock Your Fertility program opens!

This is the fifth of my email series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th.  (If you would like to hear all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Emotions carry vibrations.

Test this out yourself: Imagine feeling sad. Imagine feeling angry. Imagine someone handing you $50,000, no strings attached. Feel the joy and excitement this brings.

Notice how different those all feel.  Notice that sadness feels heavy and low.  Joy feels light and high.

Each emotion creates a different feeling, a different vibration in your body.

Also notice how you can’t have a low vibration AND a high vibration happening at the same time.

So, if you have an area of your life – like dealing with infertility – that is causing many low vibrations, you will find it harder and harder to experience high vibration emotions in other areas of your life.

Not only does this impact your general sense of well-being, but it impacts your fertility.

When you feel the lower vibration emotions, it gets harder and harder to pull yourself out because physiologically you can’t feel high and low vibrations at the same time.

Your body retains memories of previous emotions.  With more and more negative emotions, you can end up feeling worse and worse.  This makes it even harder to move into higher vibration emotions

The more time you spend in a pattern of thought, the more rules you lay down in your subconscious.  This is in addition to the original beliefs that created the physical blocks to conception.

All of these lower emotions firmly entrench your cells in protection mode.

You can also end up getting into a negative cycle of thought, perhaps even build I more beliefs like: I’ll never get pregnant, or, I’m broken, or, I’m really not good enough.

And, all of this adds up to difficulty for your reproductive system.

A mind/body/spirit approach will give you the tools you need to release the lower vibration emotions so that your cells can stay in growth mode and you can release beliefs that aren’t serving your fertility.

On Monday, Sept 11th, learn how to start using a mind/body/spirit approach to improve your fertility.

This is the fourth of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th.  (If you would like to hear all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Emotions, cells, and your fertility

Where in your body do you experience emotion?  Your head? Heart? Gut?

The full answer is: everywhere.

Cells communicate with each other and with your brain – these chemical communications are experienced as emotions.

Every cell of your body has receptors for emotions, for these chemical signals.  Not only that, but every cell of your body stores emotional memories.

Emotion is a function of your entire body.

What does this have to do with your fertility?

Emotionally: This is why all of the heartbreak of failed cycles feel like they are weighing on you.  They are literally part of your entire body.

Physiologically:  We are made up of 50 trillion cells – each with cellular memories, each one responding to its environment.
Remember, a cell’s environment is impacted by the emotion you are feeling.

Each cell responds to fear, love, happiness, worry, anxiety. These emotions become part of the cellular environment of each cell.

Negative emotions put cells into protection mode.

Positive emotions put cells into growth mode.

Your fertility requires cells to be in growth mode – a body that is danger doesn’t want to put resources to conceiving.

Subconscious beliefs or thoughts that create emotions that put your cells more into protection mode impact your ability to conceive.

A mind/body/spirit approach to fertility brings healing down to the cellular level allowing your body’s resources to be put towards conceiving.

More information tomorrow!

This is the third of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility.  It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Your Subconscious Mind and Your Fertility

Your subconscious mind is the “automatic pilot” part of your brain.  This part of your mind perceives what is around you and translates your environment into manageable “chunks” and then directs how your body responds to them.

In a single second, your subconscious mind will process 20 million pieces of data.  In that same second, your conscious mind processes only about 40 pieces of data. The subconscious mind needs to know what’s important to send on to your conscious mind.

How does it do this? It creates rules.  If the data matches the rule, then it passes it on.  Ever notice how the day you are feeling the worst about not having your baby yet, that’s the day you see a million pregnant women?  You were focused on pregnancy – so that’s what information got passed on to you.

Taking it a step farther, your subconscious’ job is to keep you safe and alive.  If a rule isn’t being met within your body, it creates a danger message within your body which activates many systems, including your stress system, your fight or flight response.

Where do rules and beliefs come from?

Your subconscious is wide open up until about age 7.  We learn the vast majority of our rules or beliefs before the age of 7.  90% of adult behavior comes from beliefs learned before the age of 7.

This is great, until we take on beliefs of others that don’t serve us well, such as:

Pregnancy and birth are to be feared (because of all the stories from your mom or aunt or neighbor.)
You’re supposed to be the responsible one
You’re not good enough to really have what you want
Being responsible means NOT having a baby
Babies are tough on relationships
Life is hard
Life is about struggle
AND more…

But how does a belief impact your fertility?

Let’s say that the belief you learned when you were young was: “I have to be perfect to be loved.”

You work hard. But every time something isn’t “perfect”, your brain recognizes that the rule isn’t being met and sends out warning signals to your body.

Because “perfect” doesn’t exist, your body is receiving warning messages all the time.  Your fight or flight response is always triggered.  Long term stress negatively impacts your reproductive system.

Your beliefs can support or derail your fertility.

A mind/body/spirit approach to fertility helps to uncover AND heal underlying beliefs that are negatively impacting your fertility.

More information tomorrow!

This is the second of my series about using a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to fertility. It’s all leading up to the reopening of my Unlock Your Fertility Program on Sept 12th. (If you would like to all the information now, I’ve created an audio presentation.  Click here to listen)

Emotional Chemistry

Your thoughts and emotions create an emotional chemistry within your cells. This emotional chemistry is more powerful in changing the systems of your body than any drug you can take.

Your emotional chemistry is the blueprint your cells use in order to know how to act and behave. They look at this environment in order to know whether to be in growth or protection mode, what DNA to turn on/off.

Your beliefs and your thoughts determine your body’s emotional chemistry.

Your body’s emotional chemistry determines how cells should act and behave.

Therefore, your beliefs and thoughts determine how your cells act and behave.

Your mind, emotions, and thoughts make a HUGE impact on all the systems of your body, including your reproductive system.  Using a mind/body/spirit approach to healing your fertility provides a holistic answer to creating your family.

More information tomorrow!

On Sept 12th, I am reopening my popular Unlock Your Fertility program.  This program uses the principles of M/B/S integration and deep healing to align you with Being Fertile, to align you with your baby.  In the Being Fertile state – whether you are trying on your own, using medications, IVF, or even donor – your natural fertility is amplified.

But Why?  Why does a mind/body/spirit approach work?

Your thoughts and your emotions have an impact on every single cell in your body – including those responsible for conception.

When you change your thoughts, your emotions, and the underlying beliefs that drive your thoughts and emotions, you will change your body and your fertility.

Your body already demonstrates this to you:

Think of a stress headache: you have stress and difficult emotions and all of sudden you end up with a headache.

When you’re nervous, do you get knots or butterflies in your belly?  That’s emotion creating a physical change in your body.

When you think of the stereotypical health challenges of a “Type A” personality, what ailments do you think of?  High blood pressure?  Heart Attack?

Why wouldn’t there be other parts of your body affected by your thoughts and emotion?

Why would your reproductive system be immune?

Your ovaries are a good example:

Your ovaries sit at the end of your uterine artery system.  Blood must flow through your abdomen, then your uterus, and then finally it gets to your ovaries.  When you are under stress, blood is shifted away from your abdomen and out to your arms and legs.

Blood flow is reduced to your ovaries.

Not a problem for your eggs in the short term.  But if your thoughts and underlying beliefs create a continual sense of stress and tension, there will be an impact on the health of your eggs.  You need good blood flow to have healthy eggs.

A regular pattern of stress creates physiological changes to your egg quality.

A mind/body/spirit approach gives you the tools to shift your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs even in the midst of something as challenging as infertility.

More information coming on Tuesday, Sept 5th (including an audio presentation if you would prefer to hear all the information all at once).