“The body says what words cannot.”
— Martha Graham (1893 – 1991)

Martha Graham was undoubtedly talking about the body’s expression through dance.

But, think of the daily “dance” of your body throughout the extent of a day. What does your body tell you?

What are the aches and pains, the energy level, the general comfort level you have being inside “your skin” telling you that you need?

What is your body sharing with you through the imbalance manifesting as infertility?

Take a moment today, and listen to what your body is saying to, in ways other than words.

Jennifer Bloome is a Fertility Expert helping women energetically balance and heal their mind, body, and spirit to boost natural fertility. Jennifer is the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart series of guided meditations to support women in all stages of fertility treatment and pregnancy. For 3 no-charge guided meditations as well as information on teleclasses or individual sessions, please visit http://www.anjionline.com.