Success from a be-ing fertile approach perspective can show up in many ways. While many who have been trying to build their families for a very long time would say the only success that really matters is having a baby, I actually coach my clients to a different type of success first.

That success is: feeling good.

This past weekend, I received an e-mail from a woman who worked with me last year to share that she has been successful in conceiving (in fact, she’s 27 weeks pregnant). She has generously agreed to allow me to share her story with you.

I share it in two parts. The first part is the e-mail she sent to me after completing her 12-week program. It is written from the perspective of telling others what to expect if they decide to do the work; but more importantly, it shows the feeling state she was able to create for herself. This was her first success.

The second part is from the e-mail she sent sharing her pregnancy success. Notice how she was inspired to a “doing” step.

Aysha’s Story

Part I

After two and half years of trying for a baby, with nothing wrong with my husband and I medically, and trying to figure things out on my own by going down the alternative medicine path, I decided I needed to explore the mind body connection to see if there were any subconscious beliefs holding me back and try to uncover why this experience was happening to me. As this is my first major life crisis (and it’s a big one!), I realized I needed help on an emotional level and had also started to question where I fit into the world. Why was this happening to me on a spiritual level. I had never had any type of therapy of any kind before. I’m 39 years old. It took a bit of courage to reach out to a complete stranger in America, but after listening to a few of Jennifer’s calls, I felt comfortable enough to call and book the sessions, and I’m very glad I did.

Over 12 weeks we broke down the overwhelming emotions into bite size pieces where I was able to work through my feelings and beliefs, where they came from, and release them from my system. This is a really important part of the process because it’s such a complex and overwhelming thing to happen to you (as you are well aware if you are reading this), effecting so many parts of you and your life.

Jennifer is an expert. She asks the right questions and you feel safe getting all those horrible feelings out of your system. Also, she gives you a different and more healthy perspective on things, which makes all the difference. She helped me go through my first (and hopefully last) IVF cycle, which was very difficult for me as I had very negative views on doing IVF as I thought it would be going against mother nature and that it represented a failure of me as a woman.

As a result of our sessions, I had a particular breakthrough where I was able to face an experience from my past and let go of it, which I believe was holding me back. My body now knows that it’s “safe” to have a baby. As a result of this and the 12 weeks, I feel like a changed person. I no longer feel heavy with sadness, but much lighter with more joy and clarity than before, and now I am planning a big 40th birthday party in six weeks.

I am still on my journey to motherhood (and still have my sad moments) but I can relax and enjoy my life knowing it will come when it is meant to and my job is to have a great life in the meantime. A baby when it comes (and I know it will) will be the cherry on top of the already fabulous cake!

Part II

I wanted to share some amazing news with you. I am delighted to be able to tell you I am 27 weeks pregnant! It finally happened as I knew it eventually would. My last session with you was around April last year and I conceived in August. At the time, I felt happy and free, and was just enjoying being 40 and living my life. I was on a break from doing any more treatments (we still have one fertilized embryo on ice) but I wasn’t ready to put it back in and didn’t know when I would be.

I ended up conceiving naturally in the end (hurrah!) with the aid of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was inspired to take it up again and after chatting with one of my Chinese colleagues in the kitchen at work, was referred to a place that was like being in China. I needed an interpreter.

I went to see the practitioner on day one of my cycle, and never ended up getting a period much to her surprise and mine! I went into it with an open mind, detached from the outcome, hoping, if anything, it would cure my horrible two days of period pain, agony, exhaustion, and if I fell pregnant, it would be a bonus. I sensed this was not normal (the two days of agony and clotting, etc.). It could be the reason why I wasn’t conceiving — a baby doesn’t grow in a cold womb according to Chinese Medicine. I ended up going once a week and drinking horrific tasting concoctions. The only thing on the list of ingredients that I could read that was in English was deer placenta! I also changed my diet to fit in with my Chinese medical imbalance. Only warm and hot food, nothing raw or cold, lots of red meat. Low and behold, it worked! On a month when I only had sex once, as my husband was away for most of it.

Another big change happened at the same time I conceived. I was offered an amazing new job, which I accepted. It was a huge step up from my previous role and a massive pay raise, working with an old friend of mine. I told them that I had just conceived and they were still happy to take me on. That week I felt like I had won the life lottery!

So now I am very pregnant and the baby is constantly moving all day and night. I am incredibly happy and content, and cannot wait to give birth. I wouldn’t say being pregnant and starting a new job was easy (far from it) but everything is on track for a beautiful and healthy baby, which will be due the beginning of May. I’m looking forward to giving birth, which I think will be a huge spiritual experience, a coming of age if you like bringing another soul into the world. I have no fear around this process and have complete trust in my body and nature.

So there you have it — the end of my fertility journey or maybe the beginning. I would like to thank you for the important part you played, which is one I will always be grateful for and never forget.

Jennifer Bloome is a Fertility Expert helping women energetically balance and heal their mind, body, and spirit to boost natural fertility. Jennifer is the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart series of guided meditations to support women in all stages of fertility treatment and pregnancy. For 3 no-charge guided meditations as well as information on teleclasses or individual sessions, please visit