When you are working on building your family, you can take two different approaches: a “doing” approach and a “being” approach.

The “doing” approach often sounds like this:

There is something wrong right now. If there wasn’t, I’d already have a baby. There must be something wrong with me. Some part of me is broken. I have to work really hard to make this baby happen. I have to DO everything possible. I have to plan, push, and research, or I’ll never have my family.

The “being” approach often sounds like this:

Even though it is hard to remember at the low times, I know I am a fertile being. I choose to stay connected to this deep knowing. I open to my Divine connection and to the knowing I will align with the resources, which will help my body achieve balance.

While in reality, creating fertility is going to be a blend of “being” and “doing,” if you focus your attention on “being” first, the “doing” naturally unfolds.

When you focus primarily in the “doing” approach, you activate your fight or flight response, which creates stress and negatively affects your reproductive system.

When you focus first in the “being” approach, you:

  • Allow your physical body to direct its resources towards building best conditions for fertility instead of responding to fight/flight.
  • You have access to your deepest wisdom and intuition; you co-create with the Divine/Universe.
  • Create the emotional chemistry within your cells that supports fertility.
  • Create peace and joy right now.
  • Open the energy center responsible for supporting fertility.

Take a moment to pause and consider whether you take more of a “doing” or “being” approach. What is one thought/emotion/experience you could either let go of or activate that would allow you to shift more to a “being” approach?

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Jennifer Bloome is a Fertility Expert helping women energetically balance and heal their mind, body, and spirit to boost natural fertility. Jennifer is the creator of the internationally recognized Journey of the Heart series of guided meditations to support women in all stages of fertility treatment and pregnancy. For 3 no-charge guided meditations as well as information on teleclasses or individual sessions, please visit http://www.anjionline.com.