“I have gotten several of your meditations and I have a question. I am not sure if this is okay or not. When I listen to your meditations I am not able to ‘visualize.’ I am listening and thinking about what is being said but it is not a vision I see. It is more audio than visual. Is that okay. I get ‘images’ but nothing clear and they are just fleeting. Does just listening and relaxing get the same benefit? Do you really have to ‘see’ the image like in a dream or is it just the thought. Please advise.”

Thanks, E.

Hi E:

This is a really good question. I get so many questions from customers and clients asking if they are doing the visualization “correctly.”

My first answer is there is no “perfect” or “correct” when it comes to guided visualizations. The most important aspect of using the visualizations is how you feel as you are listening to them. You may or may not get detailed images.

If you are more of an auditory person, you may “hear” the visualization as a story.

Allow the message of the meditation to settle gently within your body. Pay attention to how the messages make your body feel. Pay attention to your breathing as you let the words wash over you. The more you listen to the meditations, the more you may find yourself seeing images—or you may not.

Bottom line: Do not worry about not seeing the images. The worry counteracts the affect of the relaxation response the tracks are designed to induce.

As long as you focus on the words of the meditation, release your attention from anything else in your surroundings, and pull your attention back to the meditation anytime it happens to drift, you are receiving the benefit.

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